Tooltips? Try nice and clean gips tooltips

Gips – a simple jQuery plugin for tooltips, that can be embedded in any web design.

Gips Tooltips

gips is a nice and small jQuery plugin for tooltips implementation. It can be embedded in any web design. Simple, customizable, and easy to use. It also supports CSS themes.


Parameters available for the plug-in:

– text: Tool tip text

– delay: Pause time before gips appears

– autoHide: When true tool tip will automatically disappear

– pause: Display time, specific for autHide mode

– animationSpeed: Tool tip appear / disappear speed

– placement: Tool tip placement e.g top, bottom, right and left

– theme: CSS theme for tool tip, predefined themes are purple, green, yellow and red

– imagePath: Image path from close button image

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Detailed information and download available here:


– jQuery tutorial: creating own tooltip solution: