Skitter – multiple style slideshow

Here we go with more cool stuff – multiple style slideshow plugin.

Slideshow flexible with many options for customizations, available for free.

Portfolio gallery for your needs!

You can build you simple gallery as nice looking slider, adjusted to you needs:

Multiple style slideshow plugin
Multiple style slideshow plugin

Easy to compose this solution with your theme, as it’s jQuery plugin.

Basic usage:

$(document).ready(function() {
    theme: 'default',
    dots: true, 
    preview: true,
    numbers_align: 'center'

Really easy to use and customize.

Check out project homepage for installation instructions.

Get it

Documentation and downloads available at official website:

There is also WordPress plugin version available:

Let your blog more elegant Skitter Slideshow! With numerous customization options, is one that will bode well for your theme.

Well… enjoy!