The scrollUp 2.0 – jQuery scroll to top plugin

Sometimes we need the “back to top button” for our website. Here we have clever plugin to do it quickly. Easy to use.

Good jQuery scroll to top plugin

A jQuery plugin to create a customisable ‘Scroll to top’ feature that will work with any website. In css/themes folder we can find many styles (Tab, Pill, Link, Image).

jQuery scroll page to the top
jQuery scroll page to the top

How to use

Simply include jQuery and the jquery.scrollUp.min.js file and place the following code:

$(function () {


We can customize many details: 

$(function () {
        scrollName: 'scrollUp',      // Element ID
        scrollDistance: 300,         // Distance from top/bottom before showing element (px)
        scrollFrom: 'top',           // 'top' or 'bottom'
        scrollSpeed: 300,            // Speed back to top (ms)
        easingType: 'linear',        // Scroll to top easing (see
        animation: 'fade',           // Fade, slide, none
        animationSpeed: 200,         // Animation speed (ms)
        scrollTrigger: false,        // Set a custom triggering element. Can be an HTML string or jQuery object
        scrollTarget: false,         // Set a custom target element for scrolling to. Can be element or number
        scrollText: 'Scroll to top', // Text for element, can contain HTML
        scrollTitle: false,          // Set a custom <a> title if required.
        scrollImg: false,            // Set true to use image
        activeOverlay: false,        // Set CSS color to display scrollUp active point, e.g '#00FFFF'
        zIndex: 2147483647           // Z-Index for the overlay

The demo

You can see it in action here:

Get it

The solution can be obtained from GitHub: