qTip2 – jQuery advanced tooltips plugin

We present an awesome solution of jQuery advanced tooltips plugin. It’s cross-browser, customizable and packed full of features!

Awesome jQuery advanced tooltips

qTip2 is the second generation of the advanced qTip plugin for the jQuery framework. This great solution is completely free under the MIT/GPLv2 licenses!


qTip2 is packed full of features including:

Speech bubble tips, Integrated AJAX, Viewport repositioning, z-index stacking, Modal tooltips, Imagemap & SVG support, IE6 support (BGIframe).

We can put HTML tags, Google Maps and whatever we want, as the content of the tooltips created with this great jQuery advanced tooltips plugin.

qTip2 - jQuery advanced tooltips
qTip2 – jQuery advanced tooltips

qTip2 allows you to use not only regular textual content, but also complex HTML from other elements on the site. It can even pull content in from other pages via jQuery’s .ajax() functionality, and supports in-built titles and close button.

Styles and options

qTip2 comes with multiple styles that are ready for use, including ones from several other popular tooltip libraries. And with custom themes creatable with just a few lines of CSS.

Project homepage with demos, docs and download:


WordPress, Joomla and Drupal plugin versions available!

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