jQuery monitoring components – Industrial.js

This solution is for creating web-based, jQuery monitoring components, for industrial purpose, which include thermometers, gauges, digital readouts, LEDs, pressure (PSI) and more.

Industrial.js – web based jQuery monitoring components

If your web project is related with an industry, that requires the use of web-enabled remote monitoring, just try this plugin, to implement monitoring components connected with the data.

These components include: Tanks, Thermometers, Gauges, LEDs and Digital Readouts.

With optional sizing and color classes, tick marks, and scales, your industrial application will come to life, allowing your users to gleam the same information, but with far more efficiency and style.

Web-based, remote monitoring UI components with jQuery
Web-based, remote monitoring UI components with jQuery


Industrial.js requires only the industrial.css stylesheet, and the industrial.js JS code. Example:

// select and call all readouts

The .industrial(object) will initialize the component with given values merged with default values. Certainly we can adjust them:

    default_value: true,    // Starting value for component
    low: 0,                 // Scale lower boundary
    high: 100,              // Scale upper boundary
    tick_scale: false,      // Add numerical scales to tick marks?
    tick_scale_frequency: 1,// Frequency of numerical scales
    tick_amount: 0,         // Amount of tick marks on component
    tick_height: 3,         // Percent height of each tick mark
    digit_amount: 4         // Amount of digital readout digits

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License: MIT