Context menu with jQuery and Bootstrap – ContextJS

Multi-Level, right-click / context menu with jQuery. Creating context menu easy using ContextJS plugin.

Context menu with jQuery – easy to use

ContextJS is a lightweitht jQuery plugin that makes it easy to create multi-level right mouse-click (context) menu with event based links support.

The plugin comes with 2 versions of CSS style sheets:

context.bootstrap.css – which works with twitter’s bootstrap

context.standalone.css – which allows to give the context menu it’s base styles

Context menu with JavaScript (jQuery and Bootstrap)
Context menu with JavaScript (jQuery and Bootstrap)


– Can be used with or without Twitters Bootstrap.css

– Event Based Links

– Anchor Links

– Headers and dividers

– Recursive Menus (infinite depth)

– Horizontal Space Detection (Drops to the left instead of right)

– Add / Delete menus Dynamically

– Even works on Inline Links


// initializing

    fadeSpeed: 100,
    filter: function ($obj){},
    above: 'auto',
    preventDoubleContext: true,
    compress: false

Demo and docs: