Elegant jQuery slideshow with thumbnails bar – PhotoCradle

A really nice and powerful plugin, that allows us to create multiple image gallery sideshows. Thumbnail bar and the previous / next photo preview included. Great, elegant jQuery slideshow, easy to use.

PhotoCradle – an elegant jQuery slideshow plugin

PhotoCradle is an elegant library, wrapping our photo collection.

Key features

– original “infinite” thumbnails bar

– on-demand image loading

– fast and adaptive full-page browsing mode

– multiple cradles per page

– integration with popular services (Flickr, Picasa)

– skins based on CSS theming (darkglass, default, and lightglass)

– smooth and easing effects supported

– preview next / previous photo!

This jQuery plugin is a client based, JavaScript driven application. It uses popular photo services APIs to get URL addresses of specific photos and builds dynamic CSS customizable slideshow. Simply good and ready solution for our web projects.



Download from GitHub:


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