jQuery sticky menu navigation – stickUp

A jQuery menu plugin, that makes your navigation menu sticky one the top of the page when scrolling down the window. Interesting features included.

jQuery sticky menu plugin

A simple plugin that “sticks” an element to the top of the browser window while scrolling past it, always keeping it in view. This plugin works on multi-page sites, but has additional features for one-pager layouts.

StickUp - a jQuery sticky menu navigation plugin
StickUp – a jQuery sticky menu navigation plugin

Simple Integration!

We can easily make any element, on any page, stick to the top of the browser window as the user scrolls past it. This feature is excellent for navigation menus, logos and/or contact information, which you may want the user to see at all times.

The “One Pager”

Although stickUp was made to work on any kind of website, it was originally designed for the “one-pager” style of websites. By using CSS the sticky navigation menu item will be highlighted as it’s correlating content is scrolled in and out of view.

Open Source

This jQuery sticky menu solution is available on the GNU Lesser General Public License.

Project page (GitHub) with all details and demo:


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