Sly scrolling plugin – a lightweight, one directional slider

A a lightweight jQuery plugin – Sly scrolling plugin makes it easy, to add nice scrolling effect to our web project.

Sly scrolling plugin!

A library for one-directional scrolling with item based navigation support.

Sly supports navigation with:

– mouse wheel scrolling

– scrollbar (dragging the handle or clicking on scrollbar)

– pages bar

– various navigation buttons

– content dragging with mouse or touch

– lots of super useful methods

– automated cycling by items or pages

It also has a powerful & developer friendly API!


That’s all build around a custom highly optimized animation rendering with requestAnimationFrame, and GPU accelerated positioning with fallbacks for browsers that don’t support it!


var options = {
    horizontal: 1,
    itemNav: 'basic',
    speed: 300,
    mouseDragging: 1,
    touchDragging: 1

// var frame = new Sly('#frame', options).init();
Sly scrolling plugin with a nice UI
Sly scrolling plugin with a nice UI

License: MIT



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