Clever jQuery tags solution – the jQuery masterblaster plugin

Masterblaster is a simple jQuery tags plugin, that turn text input into adding tags UI.

Masterblaster – the jQuery tags plugin

It’s a simple and nice tag management plugin. Creates nice of UI for this purpose. User can operate on this UI and tags by mouse and keyboard.

We can easy adjust the appearance of the plugin elements, as well handle events and manage tags at the level of JavaScript code.

jQuery tags plugin
jQuery tags plugin

Basic usage

var $mb = $("#masterblaster-input");
$mb.masterblaster( { 
  tagRules: {
    unique: true,
    minLength: 3

// add tags @ code level
$mb.masterblaster( "push", "tag 1" );
$mb.masterblaster( "push", "tag 2" );

// callbacks / events
$mb.on( "mb:add", function( e, tagName ) { "Added: " + tagName );

$mb.on( "mb:remove", function( e, tagName ) { "Removed: " + tagName );

Docs & demos:

Get jQuery tags plugin from GitHub:

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