jQuery 360 degree image viewer – Tikslus360

Today’s solution is a jQuery 360 degree image viewer, based also on HTML5 canvas, to implement panoramic view with rotating images (for example product image).

jQuery 360 degree image viewer in action

Tikslus360 is a jQuery plugin for creating image views in 360 degree mode. Useful features included, like moving cursor horizontally in both directions to rotate views, click & drag to zoom image and auto rotate image.

The plugin will be perfect for web projects, where we need to present an image from various points of view, for example full product view in e-commerce project, show cars or houses, and similar purposes.

Tikslus360 jQuery image viewer example
Tikslus360 jQuery image viewer example


A simple example with auto rotate turned off:


<div id="view360">
  <a href="#" class="autorotate">Auto rotate</a>


$(document).ready(function() {
    imageDir: 'examples/car1',
    imageCount: 36,
    imageExt: 'jpg',
    canvasID: 'car1',
    canvasWidth: 640,
    canvasHeight: 480

License: MIT

Demo and docs:


Get the jQuery 360 degree image viewer plugin from GitHub:


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