Open MCT – a web based mission control framework. From NASA!

Something cool and interesting. Open MCT is a web based mission control framework, published by NASA. Web-based, for desktop and mobile.

A nice piece of code – a web based mission control framework

Open MCT is a next-generation mission control framework, developed at NASA Research Center. The framework for visualization of data on desktop and mobile devices.

It is being used by NASA for data analysis of spacecraft missions, as well as planning and operation of experimental rover systems. As a generalizable and open source framework, this solution could be used as the basis for building applications for planning, operation, or analysis of any systems producing telemetry data.

It’s also a nice piece of JS coding, for curious developers!

A web based mission control framework from NASA. A nice piece of JavaScript!
A web based mission control framework from NASA. A nice piece of JavaScript!

And the new API is currently under development. In a new way it move away from a declarative system of JSON configuration files towards an imperative system based on function calls. Developers will be able to extend and build on Open MCT by making direct function calls to a public API.

Building and running Open MCT in local environment is very easy. We just need Git and node.js installed:

– clone the source code

git clone

– install development dependencies and run

npm install

npm start

Access running app under http://localhost:8080. Refer documentation for more details.

License: APACHE 2.0

Getting started docs:

Find web based mission control at GitHub:

Project homepage:

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