ScriptCam :: A fully customizable jQuery webcam plugin

ScriptCam is a popular jQuery plugin to handle webcams. Simply take snapshots, detect movement and colors, QR and barcodes! We can also record videoclips and organize videochats.

Multi-language jQuery webcam plugin

ScriptCam – use webcam with jQuery and impress your clients and users with this multi-language and fully customizable plugin, with many features.

With this plugin we can:

– Record video clips

– Take snapshots or upload existing photos

– One-to-one chat or One-to-many chat

– Play MP3!

– Detect motion, basic gestures, brightness and color changes!

– Read QR and barcodes and use the result in a form or send the user to a specific website.

Note: Due to security restrictions, ScriptCam can only be used on a webserver, not on a local machine.

ScriptCam - A customizable jQuery webcam plugin
ScriptCam – A customizable jQuery webcam plugin

Taking snapshots

Via webcam to take pictures, or upload existing images. Images are encoded in BASE64 format for easy form submission to a server side script language (like PHP) or usage as HTML5 “data:image” source.

One-to-one chat

Add interactivity by organizing videochats between your users, or simply add a private webcam chat on your own homepage. Text chat is also available.

Record video clips

Extend your website functionality by letting your users record videos with their webcam. Videos are encoded in MPEG4 H.264 AAC format, which means they are playable on virtually every platform, including smartphones running iOS and Android.

QR & barcodes

Read QR and barcodes and use the result in a form or send the user to a specific website!

And much more!

License: It’s FREE for non-commercial use.


Please refer to the details in documentation:



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