Responsive photo gallery slider – Jslide

Seamless, responsive and nice photo gallery on desktop and mobile.

Jslide – Full screen, responsive photo gallery slider

Jslide is a fashion jQuery plugin, that displays galleries in a fullscreen slideshow, with arrows navigation and easing effects. The plugin allows the programmer to create an image slideshow / gallery from various types of data sources (JSON data, inline Html elements, Javascript array objects).

Responsive photo gallery slider - Jslide
Responsive photo slider – Jslide


The plugin is really easy to use. Please take a look at samples below.

<ul id="slide_list" class="slide_list">
  <li><div style="background-image:url(img/01.jpg)" 
  <li><div style="background-image:url(img/02.jpg)" 


$('#slide_list > li > div').JslideAnchor({
  jslide_obj: '#slide',
  jslide_config: {
    show_broad: true,
    show_nav: true,
    pagination: true,
    hook_slidemove_before_click: function(k, datas) {
      var html = '<h1>' + datas[k].caption + '</h1>';
      html += '<p>' + datas[k].desc + '</p>';


License: MIT


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