MagnigierRentgen – a jQuery plugin for magnifying images (x-ray)

Magnifying images effect? X-ray photos on website? No problemo!

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So letz go 🙂

Once I used effects of MagnigierRentgen plugin to make x-ray of girl pictures 🙂

MagnigierRentgen is a small jQ plugin for zooming / magnifying images, with a bonus: x-ray effect easy to implement. The plugin is simple, but allows to create nice effect. Also, it works nice with responsive layouts.


1. Include jQuery.MagnifierRentgen.min.js, jQuery library and jQuery.MagnifierRentgen.min.css in the document.

2. Add a small, full-size images defined via the data-image attributes to a container, as in example below:

<div class="test" data-image="pc.jpg" data-image-zoom="pc-guts.jpg" data-size="100">

The data-size attribute is used to specify the size of the magnifying lens.

3. Call the plugin:


Sample result:

jQuery plugin for magnifying images
jQuery plugin for magnifying images

Demo on-line:



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