Cube Slider – awesome CSS3 3D images slider

An animated 3D flipping cube content slider, with navigation, built on top of jQuery and CSS3 transitions, transforms and perspectives. Awesome component for website.

Cube Slider – awesome CSS3 3D images slider

Here’s something really nice. The Cube Slider uses CSS3 transform property for creating 3d cubes elements and animating then in a cube slider.

Using CSS3 images can be set in a three dimensional space.

Cube Slider is a jQuery plugin, that comes with 2 built in theme.

Lightweight and responsive!

The Cube Slider plugin use CSS3, it size is only 16k and it is optimized. The plugin is responsive it will adapt to any screen size for the users devices!

And after all, it brings really nice effect and user experience.

CSS 3D slider
CSS 3D slider

Examples and docs:

Get this CSS3 3D images slider solution from GitHub:

License: MIT


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