Animated charts in jQuery – Flot Animator

Flot Animator allows us to create animated charts in jQuery. Simply add fluid animations to any Flot chart.

A plugin for animated charts in jQuery

Flot Animator is a jQuery plugin working with Flot Chart Plugin. With this solution we can add a fluid startup animation to any Flot chart. It will allow us to highlight and draw attention to some charts.

How it works?

It is very easy to animate a Flot chart with Flot Animator, just add a reference to the Flot Animator JavaScript file “jquery.flot.animator.min.js” after your “jquery.flot.min.js” reference, and change your plot function from:

var plot = $.plot($("#myChart"), [{ data : ... }]);


var plot = $.plotAnimator($("#myChart"), [{ data : ... }]);


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