A great jQuery web UI library – w2ui

The w2ui is a jQuery web UI library for creating great user interfaces in data-driven web applications.

An interesting jQuery web UI solution

W2ui is a powerful JS library based on jQuery, and contains most common used UI widgets for building rich data-driven web applications.

UI widgets included:

– Layout

– Grid

– Toolbar

– Sidebar

– Tabs

– Form & Fields

– Popup

and also Utilities.

w2ui - jQuery web UI
w2ui – jQuery web UI

W2ui is a modern, intuitive JavaScript UI library. The library has a small footprint, and only no dependency is jQuery.

Quick Start

Download from here, or install using bower:

$ bower install w2ui

Include library and CSS into your page, e.g.:

w2ui-1.4.js (or w2ui-1.4.min.js)

w2ui-1.4.css (or w2ui-1.4.min.css)

All the widgets and their CSS classes are defined inside of these two files. There is no image dependencies, some images are embedded into CSS file. Also there is no requirement for a server side language to run w2ui.






Get this great jQuery web UI library from GitHub:


or official website:


License: MIT