jQuery preview URL – mini preview of the link target on hover

Mini Preview is a jQuery preview URL plugin, that makes easy implementation of URL screenshots preview extremely easy.

jQuery preview URL for links on hover

We can implement a nice effect for our website, using this nice jQuery plugin. It’s created for adding live mini-previews to links on hover in an easy way.

Mini Preview is a simple jQuery plugin for adding live previews of to links on hover. The previews were fetched as soon as the page loaded (by default). Just lightweight and user friendly mini-previews for links screenshots.

jQuery preview URL plugin
jQuery preview URL plugin


We need to include jQuery, as well JS and CSS file of the plugin.

Basic call (JS):


With parameters:

    width: 256,
    height: 144,
    scale: .25,
    prefetch: 'pageload'

That’s it!

License: MIT

Demo & docs:


Get jQuery preview URL plugin from GitHub:



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