Google plus like jQuery drop down box

This is a Google plus like jQuery plugin, that implements drop down box, similar to solution known from G+ follow button.

Google plus like jQuery plugin

This plugin (jquery-hover-dropdown-box.js) provides interactive drop-down list box. An easy way to create a button, that slides out a drop down box on hover.

The plugin requires jQuery 1.7.2 or later.

Google plus like jQuery drop down / list box plugin
Google plus like jQuery drop down / list box plugin

Main features are interactive dropdown items (Text input and Checkbox), to use in chosen way (e.g. append to a div, as inline, or append to a button, as hover), etc.


Append into such as div element, as inline box:

$('#x_div').hoverDropdownBox ( [options] );

Append into a element such as button, as hover:

$('#x_btn').appendHoverDropdownBox ( [options] );

License: MIT

Doc and demo at project homepage:



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