jQuery toggle switch button plugin – toggleSwitch

We only need jQuery UI for this! The toggleSwitch – a jQuery toggle switch button plugin, to help us create nice toggle switch buttons easy.

A jQuery toggle switch button plugin – jQuery.UI.toggleSwitch

This toggle plugin was developed for web project, that already run with jQuery UI, so don’t need extra libraries. The toggleSwitch plugin draws upon the theme .ui-slider for the look and feel, and can be applied to select elements with two child options. We can get a nice result quickly:

jQuery toggle switch button plugin - examples
jQuery toggle switch button plugin – examples

Sample code:

  highlight: true, // default
  width: 25, // default
  change: function(e) {
    // default null
  stop: function(e,val) {
    // default null

The value of the underlying select is updated, so the plugin is form friendly.



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