Popovers as confirmation dialogs – Bootstrap Confirmation

A different approach for confirmation dialogs? Items with inline confirm and cancel options? Try popovers as confirmation dialogs way!

Bootstrap Confirmation – popovers as confirmation dialogs – clean and simple

Don’t use plain, boring JavaScript’s standard confirm dialog. Put an alternative to the projects, something more creative.

Bootstrap Confirmation is a plugin to toggle Yes/No (Confirm / Cancel) dialog boxes, using Bootstrap Popover. It’s a Bootstrap component, that implements a small overlays of content, added to any element we want.

Simple and easy. It just requires jQuery and Bootstrap-Tooptip.js to work.

A nice and clean solution of popovers as confirmation dialogs
A nice and clean solution of popovers as confirmation dialogs


Include necessary files to the document and enable confirmations via JavaScript:


Recommend way to use, with data attributes:


License: MIT

Project homepage:


Get Popovers as confirmation dialogs plugin from GitHub:


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