jQuery autocomplete with nice effect – Tab Complete

Ajax suggest, or simply auto complete solution needed? Try Tab Complete – a flexible jQuery autocomplete plugin.

Tab Complete – jQuery autocomplete for HTML inputs

Tab Complete is a simple jQuery plugin, that implements suggest / auto complete feature, and makes the Tab key able to select multiple items from a preset autocomplete list, while typing into an input field!

Tab Complete - jQuery autocomplete demo
Tab Complete – jQuery autocomplete demo


To use it you need only jQuery and the “tabcomplete.js” plugin. Include them to your document.

Sample code:

$(function() {

That’s it!

The default options of the plugin are as follows:

var options = {
  after: "",
  arrowKeys: false,
  hint: "placeholder",
  match: function(word, words) { .. },
  caseSensitive: false,
  minLength: 1,
  wrapInput: true

License: MIT



GitHub page of this jQuery autocomplete solution:


It’s also available via npm:


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