jQuery date & time input picker: pickadate.js

Looking for jQuery date & time input picker? Try pickadate.js and implement nice date and time select UI.

A good jQuery date & time input picker

The pickadate.js is mobile-friendly, responsive, and lightweight plugin, that helps to put nice date / time pickers in our project.

Main features:

– ARIA-enabled to be WCAG 2.0 compliant

– Supports jQuery 1.7 and up

– Loads a tiny JS and CSS footprint

– Translations for over 40 languages

– Touch & keyboard handlers

– Follows BEM style class naming

– Utilizes LESS based stylesheets

Sample: jQuery date input picker
Sample: jQuery date input picker

Browser support: all modern browsers – and IE8+. Specifically, v3 has been tested with Chrome MWA, Firefox MWA, Opera MWA, Safari Mi, Internet Explorer W, Blackberry 6.0+ and Android 3.2+ browsers.


// The date picker
$('.datepicker').pickadate() ...

See more:


// The time picker 
$('.timepicker').pickatime() ...

It has many useful and interesting options. See more:


jQuery date & time input picker – homepage & docs




License: MIT


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