Terminal dashboards with ASCII art and JavaScript

Build terminal dashboards using ASCII art and JavaScript.

ASCII and JavaScript: blessed-contrib

Let’s make dashboards (or any other application), friendly to terminals, ssh and developers. Extends blessed with custom drawille and other widgets.


We can use any of the default widgets of blessed (texts, lists and etc) or the widgets added in blessed-contrib (described below). A layout is optional but useful for dashboards.


npm install blessed blessed-contrib

Sample code

   var blessed = require('blessed')
     , contrib = require('blessed-contrib')
     , screen = blessed.screen()
     , line = contrib.line(
         { style:
           { line: "yellow"
           , text: "green"
           , baseline: "black"}
         , xLabelPadding: 3
         , xPadding: 5
         , label: 'Title'})
     , data = {
         x: ['t1', 't2', 't3', 't4'],
         y: [5, 1, 7, 5]

   // Append before setting data

   screen.key(['escape', 'q', 'C-c'], function(ch, key) {
     return process.exit(0);


There is an impressive list of available widgets:

– Line Chart

– Bar Chart

– Stacked Bar Chart

– Map

– Gauge

– Stacked Gauge

– Donut

– LCD Display

– Rolling Log

– Picture

– Sparkline

– Table

– Tree

– Markdown

Ascii art and javascript @ terminal
Ascii art and javascript @ terminal

License: MIT

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