Excel in JavaScript / jQuery – jExcel

Dynamic Spreadsheet-like Data Grid. jExcel: Excel in JavaScript!

Excel-like software in JavaScript / jQuery

jExcel is a lightweight vanilla javascript plugin to create amazing web-based interactive tables and spreadsheets compatible with Excel or any other spreadsheet software.

jExcel is a powerful jQuery and Vanilla JavaScript plugin which lets you dynamically generate a spreadsheet like CRUD data grid (table) from local JS data or even JSON, CSV, XSLX files.

Easy to integrate with any third party plugin data manipulation plugin like input mask, currency formatting, key-value dropdown, color picker and much more. Also comes with an onchange handler which will be fired on every change in your spreadsheet.

Dynamic Escel spreadsheet-like solution - jExcel
Dynamic Escel spreadsheet-like solution – jExcel

Main features

– Make rich and user-friendly web interfaces and applications
– Create rich CRUDS and beautiful UI
– You can easily handle complicated data inputs in a way users are used
– Compatibility with excel: users can move data around with common copy and paste shortcuts
– Easy customizations with easy third-party plugin integrations
– Lean, fast and simple to use
– Speed up your work dealing with difficult data entry in a web-based software


npm install jexcel

Initiate table based on a div container:

<div id="mytable"></div>

To initialize a jExcel table run JS code, such as:

data = [
    ['Google', 1998, 807.80],
    ['Apple', 1976, 116.52],
    ['Yahoo', 1994, 38.66],

jexcel(document.getElementById('mytable'), {
  colWidths: [ 300, 80, 100 ]

Rich examples you can find on the project page.

License: MIT








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