Versatile jQuery Popup Window Plugin – jBox

The jBox is a flexible, modular, robust jQuery popup window solution. An easy way to implement a wide variety of popup windows on your web page & application.

jQuery Popup Window Plugin a.k.a. jBox!

jBox is a jQuery plugin that makes it easy to create customizable tooltips, modal windows, image galleries and more.

With jBox plugin, we can create:

– Draggable modal box

– Animated notification

– Nice-looking tooltip

– Image gallery lightbox

It’s lightweight – lLess than 30 KB when minified and gzipped. It’s extendable – easily create your own jBox plugins with custom behaviors. And it’s responsive!

jBox jQuery plugin - the best popups
jBox jQuery plugin – the best popups


The best way to initialize a jBox is to create a new instance of jBox.

new jBox('Tooltip', {
  attach: '.tooltip'

jBox comes with the default plugins Tooltip, Mouse and Modal. In addition you can include the plugins Confirm, Notice and Image.

Save your jBox instances in variables, so you can access the jBox methods:

var myModal = new jBox('Modal', {
  content: 'This is my jBox'

Remember to put your JavaScript code into $(document).ready(function() {});.

License: MIT






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