Here we want to present basic information about this website.

Who, why, and for what?

The DirectCode company was founded in May 2012, and working intensively both on their own, and outsourced projects.

We also develop the blog with JavaScript tutorials, that maybe you know already: 🙂

This page is little bit different. Here we try to collect all the stuff useful for Web Developers and Designers, especially scripts, libraries or interesting components and jQuery plug-ins, with information how to use them.

Moreover, we’d like to share here all good tutorials we’ve found over the Internet, to keep good things in one place.

The quality

We make every effort to ensure that the content is accurate, the quality is high, and code samples are well tested.

However, if you find any error, we would be very grateful for the information.

Note for haters: we are not Alpha and Omega, and we are developing our knowledge all the time. Please respect our Commenting rules (available in Terms and Privacy). Thank you.

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